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Crypto Cash
for Humans

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Physical crypto made from space age materials and time-locked Kong. You can keep it in your pocket, or spend it just like cash. No transaction fees, no paper trail, no more usability disasters.

Physical Crypto

Half of all transactions are settled with physical cash. Kong is the first crypto-cash; combining state-of-the-art secure elements, groundbreaking flex PCBs, and time-locked smart contracts.

Everyone understands how to use physical cash, but most don’t know how to use crypto. Kong does for cash what Bitcoin did for money. It opens the floodgates for the next billion users.

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2x 1 Kong

1x 5 Kong

0x 10 Kong

1x 20 Kong

0x 50 Kong

1x 100 Kong

0x 500 Kong

or 0.55 ETH



3x 1 Kong

1x 5 Kong

1x 10 Kong

2x 20 Kong

2x 50 Kong

2x 100 Kong

0x 500 Kong

or 1.10 ETH



10x 1 Kong

3x 5 Kong

3x 10 Kong

3x 20 Kong

3x 50 Kong

4x 100 Kong

1x 500 Kong

or 2.75 ETH