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The Kong Lockdrop distributes up to 1% of the total Kong token supply per year to accounts locking up ETH. This page allows you to lock ETH in the current Kong lockdrop for anywhere from 30 days to one year. Your stake in each lockdrop will be calculated in proportion to the total ETH staked and the amount of time that ETH is staked for.

At the end of your staking period (plus any time remaining in the lockdrop period) you can claim your Kong token and unlock your ETH. Kong token and unlocked ETH will be sent to the account used for staking.

WARNING: The Kong lockdrop contract has not been through external auditing; proceed at your own risk. Please ensure that you're familiar with using Ethereum addresses and smart contracts before staking. You can review the lockdrop code on Etherscan.

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The current lockdrop is taking place at #lastLockDropAddress. There are several contributors and some ETH participating in this lockdrop.